Here to be There: 2022 Stewardship Season

Woodland is here — in the sanctuary and on Zoom — so we can be there, for one another, for our neighbors, and for creation. We’re here — grounded in this present moment — so we can be there, ready to move forward as we discern God’s dream for us. We’re gathered here so we can go out there to meet the world’s needs as teachers, medical professionals, business owners, parents, siblings, and neighbors.

None of us can do this work alone. We invite you, as members and friends of the Woodland family, to intentionally consider how you will support our worship, learning, and life together through gifts of money and time. Your pledges help us plan for the year ahead as we seek to meet our $160,000 budget for 2022, and we hope you will join the campaign by making a pledge. We also hope you will review the Time and Energy form and complete it if you didn’t do so in April, or if your availability has changed.

Thank you for all you do to nurture this special community! Please contact Adrian White if you have any questions or need assistance.